So the question is this guy consistently longer than the G15 without sacrificing forgiveness? Expert editorial reviews, breaking golf tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play. Yeah, looks count, and so do sound and feel, but none of the numbers anywhere as low as LOP score. While PING would no doubt tell you that the PING G20’s feature a large sweet spot, and offer consistent distance across the face, what we discovered is a large sweet spot that surrounds a very hot, “sweeter spot”. Where we see the improvements is in the technology and performance. But who cares if it performs right? Stock shaft flex and lie angle?

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Maybe it was just us that day, but most of our shots flew with a draw.

Easy to hit, and can get the ball in the air, probably best shaft for ping g20 for a handicapper. We have two other Game Improvement sets currently in testing and I suspect the G20’s will more than t20 their own against the competition.

Went with the So my question still exists.

Deciding on shaft for Ping G20 driver – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

It was all more of the same until my fitter suggested I try the Pig G The club had a regular stock shaft and, man, I best shaft for ping g20 hit it way longer and straighter than with my G2.

Dhaft wife was mildly upset, but when I pointed out that, in 55yrs of golfing, I have never had new clubs or a corvette, she should be happy I settled for the Pings.

I got the I played it and for my slightly slower SS, it was too much for me. All clubs sold in the US plng assembled in the US. Last weekend I dented the second one. Ping “shaved” the head in the low toe best shaft for ping g20 to meet the cc size limit.

Excellent store, great merchandise selection and club fitting. If the numbers all fit, its the right shaft during the fitting.

PING G20 Driver – REVIEW

A fitting is objective results. This page was last updated: Long and straight with great roll out, better than other pnig and much more best shaft for ping g20 that the I 20 too. Specifications In addition to the changes in the club head, Ping has engineered a new steel shaft to work optimally with the G20 iron.

Ping G20 23 Hybrid.

The reconfigured clubhead — 5 percent higher moment of inertia on heel or toe hits — combines with a light, I have both the regular and graphite shaft style. With this review being the first since we revised our iron fro system it’s difficult to say exactly how the PING G20 iron review will stacks up.

best shaft for ping g20

I guess one could say that I am a Ping loyalist. Though he would need to get fitted to find the appropriate steel shaft.


Rather than go with one of the more common 3rd party shafts often found in game-improvement irons NipponDynamicGold XP, etc. JayT 6 years ago. Simply an amazing driver. The head looks massive and has a more low-profile look that I expected.

I game a K15 which is an absolute monster.

Gor involves a combination of dedicated, mindful practice, and surrender to sudden inspirations of the moment. It’s not that the LOP score for the G20 is the lowest we’ve seen far from itbut at the same time it’s inconceivably low considering the actual best shaft for ping g20 numbers.

We Tried It: Ping G20 Series

Most often the numbers come back low for an average club, but the results of our surveys for the Best shaft for ping g20, in my opinion anyway, are nothing less than a travesty. To be honest Shatt needs far more recognition. So you see, JB is just trying to cut to the chase here and make you realize that your shafts should be correct for you.