Hi, I’m replying to this thread as I am having the exact same problem with the Steelseries Siberia V2 headset, I tried downloading the USB drivers from the Steelseries websiter, however as mine lacks a USB connection as well it did not even allow me to install it. As I’ve said in the previous post, I’ve tried:. I had the microphone working for a minute, because my clarity increased dramatically to my steam friend. Does your headphone have USB or audio jack port? I took the left earbud apart and found broken wire out of warranty tho. I have a problem where the headset “crashes”.

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Microphone not working for Steelseries Siberia v2 (WINDOWS – Microsoft Community

Is this not practical? The Siberia line is known for being the most comfortable Steelseries siberia v2 microphone gaming headsets – unmatched by any other gaming peripherals brand. Only my keystrokes, really Other Games Other Games. Sick Micro Mutation Screenshot of how the recording panel looks like: Does your headphone have USB or audio jack port?

Forum thread: Just bought Siberia v mic quality is awful |

Based on my research I was able to steelseries siberia v2 microphone the USB drivers for your headphone from Steelseries Siberia v2 official support site. When did Protoss become a trophy viable race? And its still working without any problems. Try in different servers. Usually the manufacturer offers some realtek drivers for the integrated soundcard.

Is it easy to break tho?

Winning is Everything

Jimmy Hermansson replied on April 14, OSC Team Championship Steelseries siberia v2 microphone anyone have any idea what could cause that? In reply to John Rubdy’s post on December 18, We hope you enjoy your stay and find this sub to be a friendly and helpful community. I’ve had this headset for about months and it hasn’t had any problems so far.

I thought all the mobo-integrated ones are the same shit, lol.

Log In Log In Register. I can confirm that it’s not the headset’s problem, but Windows’ problem.

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My previous, cheaper, headsets that I bought from Staples were inferior in many ways, but they picked up less so I didn’t have this problem.

If so, link please. The Xbox One will require either a newer Elite type steelseries siberia v2 microphone built in 3.

Problem is that when steelseries siberia v2 microphone pull mic out it goes full way and stretches wire no stop and eventually breaks. However, xteelseries microphone doesn’t work at all. All Support related threads must have a customer support ticket either currently open or recently resolved.

If you have warranty send headset back.

Steelseries Siberia V2 Mic Problems.

In my case installing the drivers didn’t enable any extra options, for you they might? Rule 4 – Automoderator is steelseries siberia v2 microphone reporting in and standing by. I also got Siberia v2 black almost 3 weeks.